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Custom Website Development

What if Your Website Could Brand Your Business In Such a Way That Visitors Felt Compelled to Buy From You?

You Really Can Have Such a Website When You Hire LuminousEye GFX to Design Your Site

Not every business needs a website with all the “bells and whistles.” Sometimes, all your business really needs is

And that’s it.

No need for a landing/squeeze page. No use for video. Say no to a blog. You’re not selling products so you don’t need an e-commerce site.

Instead, all you need is a lovely, basic site. One which gives your visitors the information they seek so that they’ll learn about your products or services.

This type of website is called a static website.

These can be quite effective websites for a small business, especially when designed with the care and attention to detail that LuminousEye GFX provides.

Our Website Design Services Include:

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